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Hiya everyone, my name's Maisie and I am your elected Athletic Union and Sport Officer for this year.  My role is to ensure students are engaging in sports and physical activity, both competitively and non-competitively. I also hold the position of AU President in which I look after all the sports teams within the Athletic Union.

Before being elected, I studied for a BSc in Forensic Science. As a student I got involved with many clubs and societies such as Invisible Disabilities Keele (IDK) and I had various committee roles for 3 years for squash as the Social Secretary and Women's Captain. In my free time I enjoy participating in sporting activities (mainly squash), going out with friends, and using my cookery skills.

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 Email me at su.ausportofficer@keele.ac.uk or contact me on social media below:

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Want to find out about my plans this year?

UGM Report - November 2022

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first UGM report. Give it a read below to find out all about what I’ve been up to this year so far!  

AU Clubs and Sports Centre Map  

I created a map for students and clubs to more easily and accessibly locate where clubs train and meet. The map was given to all club committees during the welcome week fairs for them to use to show students where to go to find their training sessions. The aim of this map is to increase awareness of where clubs train so new and current students find club taster sessions easier and get more involved, as well as make facilities for historically smaller clubs more visible to students to help increase membership. This map has also been given to the Sports Centre as it has updated locations for the Athletic Union office, erg room, and the recreation room as well as name updates for the dance studio and MUGA. 

Sports Activities  

Since the arrival of international students and during Welcome I have facilitated multiple sports activities for students to get involved in. These activities include an international welcome sports day, parachute and playground games, capture the flag, and rounders. These were really well attended and served to introduce students to each other. Students have requested I continue to run parachute games and capture the flag throughout the year as there was such popularity, this is something I have spoken to activities who are organising it. 

Club and Society Code of Conduct  

Over the summer I have been working on the creation of a Club and Society Code of Conduct for their socials to make sure our student-led groups have outlined rules to not endanger or pressure students. The code of conduct will be common practice for all groups in and outside the Students’ Union.  

Sharing facilities with Staffordshire University  

The AU team are talking with Staffordshire University to organise sharing sports facilities for club training. This will allow Staffordshire and Keele SU to form new clubs for sports they did not previously have the facilities to hold, as well as allowing for more flexible training for our AU clubs. This change will be greatly positive for our AU clubs as they will have access to more facilities to train at, without the added cost usually associated with training off-campus. This also creates potential for more clubs to compete in Varsity (our annual sporting competition against Staffordshire University) which boosts visibility for all clubs involved.  

Disabilities in sport  

I am working on a campaign with the help of one of our disability delegates on the topic of disabilities in sport. Within this campaign I will be making sure clubs can make their sport accessible and giving them the knowledge on how to do so, creating awareness of disabled athletes in both para sports and our AU club sports and lobbying for disabled and inter-abled sports sessions at the Sports Centre for both students and the wider Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent community. The hope for this campaign is to make AU clubs and wider sports at Keele more accessible and inclusive for disabled students.  

Clubs of Keele and taster sessions  

During Welcome Week I attended several taster sessions for AU clubs and filmed social media content, raising awareness of what goes on at taster sessions and how easy it is to participate and join clubs regardless of ability (as demonstrated by my own participation). Doing this increased the engagement in sessions as well as providing a great opportunity for myself to talk to new students and committee members alike, with a chance for committees to discuss any ideas or concerns with me in a relaxed environment.  

These tasters tie in with the launch of Clubs of Keele (Glock gives it a go), a campaign I am launching tomorrow in conjunction with Tom’s Societies of Keele campaign to increase student membership and participation in our AU and non-AU clubs and will be a new addition for this year. I am hoping to continue my work done during the Welcome tasters throughout the year and let students know that clubs can be joined at any time during the year whether they are a beginner, advanced in the sport or if they are disabled (demonstrated by my participation in each sport). This will also be a great opportunity for clubs to show how they can adapt their sport for my disabilities and demonstrate their accessibility for other disabled students. 

AU Ball and PvP 

I have had meetings with Keele Hall staff and have been planning the winter ball along with the AU team. I decided to change things up a little and give priority to final years and committee members for the winter ball rather than the summer ball as from experience, summer ball comes at a time when dissertations and other deadlines are coming through and as a result is not as well-attended by final years as the winter ball. I have also been helping plan PvP, including organising socials and getting information out about planning for committee. 

Social spaces booking hub 

Tying in with PvP socials. I have been working on changing the social spaces booking system, it has been made very aware that the current system does not work for clubs. There are only 12 spaces available on the hub and as a result clubs have inconsistent socials in the SU, with some having one weekly and others having only had 1 in the SU since the year began. Shortly before I went on annual leave, I had a meeting with socials secs (which was attended by 13 different clubs) in which we discussed my new ideas for the system and spoke about concerns and other ideas to improve social spaces. The minutes were emailed out a few days later and this system has been approved by Ents and is currently being worked on in order to get it set up ASAP. Another meeting with social secs will be arranged within the first week or 2 of the new system running to make sure everything is working well. This should be set up and running within the next fortnight. 

AUdio takeover events 

During the summer I met with Ents to plan the themed nighttime events for AUdio takeover. These included the Oktoberfest and Day of the Dead nights out as well as the cirque du soleil theme for the Halloween Ball. From feedback from Ents these have been greatly successful  


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