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Hey everyone, my name is Jack and I am your elected Education Officer for this year. My role is to support your studies and ensure that you get the most out of your experience at Keele. I am responsible for a number of projects including Student Voice Representatives, whereby your opinions can be acted on at both a course and school level. My role also includes making sure that your voice is heard and acted on, as well as providing change to university processes including Exceptional Circumstances.

I studied psychology at Keele before being elected. As a student I got involved in a lot of societies, volunteering opportunities, and as a student voice representative. Outside of my degree I enjoy playing video games, and watching horribly scripted reality TV.

Talk to me about:

  • Become a Student Voice rep
  • Issues on your course of study
  • Accessibility of resources


Email me at su.educationofficer@keele.ac.uk or contact me on social media below:

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UGM Report - October 2022

Hello! It’s the first UGM of the year, which means you get to hear about all the fun (and not so fun) things I’ve been up to since the start of the 22/23 officer team.  

Student Voice Representative Review  

We have implemented the recommendations of our SVR review. We have currently recruited roughly 275 student voice representatives as well as 13 lead voice representatives. We will be working closely with them over the coming academic year to embed your feedback into every level of the university. Keep an eye out for information from your school as there may still be a chance for you to become a rep!  

Teaching Excellence Framework 

This year I am leading on the Student Submission for the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). TEF is essentially a grading system for universities, with them scoring on a scale from gold to bronze. Part of this involves a large ‘student submission’ which highlights the experiences of students in relation to teaching and learning. This is a hugely important piece of work which will have a profound impact on the university. 

International Student Experience  

We have kicked off a piece of work looking at the experience of international students; this will be done to improve the support given to international students, especially as the university aims to increase recruitment over the next decade. It will cover three distinct areas: communication and information, academic experience and success, and support and community. 

Committees, Committees, Committees 

To give you an idea of what I’ve been up to, here is a list of the committees I’ve attended recently: Faculty Education Committee (x3), Education Committee, Education Leadership Group, International Student Review, Induction Strategy Group, APP Strategy Group, Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Subcommittee, Standing Validation Panels, Student Experience and Engagement Group, Senate, GCP Steering Committee, and a lot more... it has been busy. 

Staff Recruitment 

I was involved in recruiting two senior posts within the university recently both focusing on student futures and success. These two posts are the Director of Student Futures, and the Head of Student Participation and Success – they will be starting in the new year and will hopefully have a big impact on the student experience. 

Work outside of Keele 

I am proud to have been appointed to the Student Strategic Advisory Committee for the Quality Assurance Agency (the sector body tasked with safeguarding academic standards in HE). As part of this role, I will also be a member of the national Academic Integrity Advisory Group. 


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