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Aysha Panter - Welfare & Internationalisation Officer  

The Welfare & Internationalisation Officer sits on a number of committees within the University and Union to ensure effective representation of the student body and to safeguard the personal and collective welfare of students. They pay specific attention to the welfare provisions and procedures at Keele and manage the Equality and Diversity Zone to ensure that student representatives who fall within this zone are effective. The Welfare & Internationalisation Officer takes responsibility for a number of projects for example coordinating campaigns alongside the VP Education and ASK (Advice and Support at Keele) and any other projects they feel would enhance the student experience at Keele. Along with the rest of the Elected Officer team, they ensure that the policies of KeeleSU are directed by students and act as an Officer Trustee.

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Thu 21 Jun 2018

KeeleSU/KPA/UCU Manifesto on Decolonising Keele's Curriculum

  Sign to show your support: Find out more at...
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Fri 23 Mar 2018

Incidents of Racism in Higher Education

  Following recent high-profile incidents of racist behaviour at Nottingham Trent, De Montfort and Exeter, we at...
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Mon 23 Oct 2017

Keele Sex Week: Why Talking Openly About Sex Matters

  ‘Consent’, ‘Sex Worker Rights’, ‘Women’s Reproductive Rights’ and ‘LGBT+ Sex...
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Tue 31 Jan 2017

A students experience of toxic shock syndrome.

Phoebee Bambury shares her story and experience of toxic shock syndrome.  I've just got home after almost...
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Mon 21 Nov 2016

Not enough men in here?

Not enough men in here? Something we should be asking of every counselling and mental health support service. We know...
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