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LGBT+ History Month

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What is LGBT+ History Month?


LGBT+ History Month aims to promote tolerance and raise awareness of the prejudices faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other queer identities. 

In partnership with KeeleSU's LGBT+ Society, join us to celebrate the history and lives of LGBT+ people. 

Due to the pandemic, there are a number of free public online events available that we are promoting alongside our own events below.

1st Feb-28th Feb


Gossip for Good Send an uplifting message to a fellow LGBT+ student letting them know how much you appreciate them! Watch out for updates on the SU website and our social media to get involved.
Thurs 4th Feb, 17:00-18:00  What is queer heritage? 

 How do we recognise and value everyday queer heritage?

In the past five years queer heritage has become ever more visible through the work of organisations such as the National Trust. Buildings and places have had their LGBT+ histories rescued. They have been highlighted as an important part of the story, not only of each place but also as part of our wider national heritage. 

The University of Dundee presents a lecture that will draw on the queer heritage projects that Alison Oram has been involved with. She will focus on the materiality of places and buildings – their histories and use. Buildings might be ‘queer’ if they create a tradition of queer architectural style, or because of their association with LGBT+ inhabitants or activities. How, for example, do floor plans and interior décor reflect the queer desires of their designers and occupants?

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Fri 5th Feb, 12-1pm


Digital Diversity Group: Intersectionality 

Intersectionality is a word that is often used but you might not actually know what it means. Even if you've never heard of it, you're in the right place!

Join Digital Diversity group hosts CodeClan for an engaging and interactive lunchtime session exploring exactly what intersectionality is and how it affects every aspect of our lives and the built world. 

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Mon 8th Feb,


Leaders in Shape: Judith Butler

Renowned philosopher and cultural theorist Judith Butler joins Conor Gearty to discuss their life and career.

Judith Butler is one of the most influential thinkers of modern times. Best known for their work in gender theory, Judith Butler’s text Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (1990) revolutionised popular attitudes on gender and remains one of the most talked-about scholarly books of the 20th century, as celebrated as it is controversial. Today, Butler writes widely on other questions of philosophy, culture and politics, with books including Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly (2015), a co-edited volume Vulnerability in Resistance (2015) and most recently The Force of Non-Violence (2020), which offers a way to think about aggressive non-violence.

Sign up here to watch the event live and have the opportunity to submit your question during the audience Q&A.

Tues 9th Feb, 5-6:30pm

Queer voices from the pandemic

Queer Britain, the national LGBTQ+ museum, has launched "Queer Pandemic," a remote-video oral history project. In this presentation, clips from the project will be shared along with a discussion about the research findings and ongoing field work, as well as a conversation about the challenges of conducting research during this pandemic.

Dr Molly Merryman is the research director for Queer Britain, and the founding director of the Centre for the Study of Gender and Sexuality and an Associate Professor in the School of Peace and Conflict Studies at Kent State University (US). She is the vice president of the International Visual Sociology Association and is a filmmaker and author.

This event will be via Zoom. Please register here to receive further information.

Sun 14th Feb,


The Unsung 'B' in LGBTQI+

Rev Maxwell Reay and the Augustine United Church welcome Dr Carol Shepherd, a global expert on bisexual Christian identities, to present an event that explores the history of bisexuality.
As well as Bi: the Way, she published a monograph with Palgrave Macmillan in 2018, The Damage of Silence: Bisexuality in the Western Christian Church. She also has chapters in several academic bisexual anthologies. As well as writing and researching on bisexual intersectional identities, Carol is also a Sociology lecturer at Andover College, Hampshire. 

To attend, please e-mail for the link and password.

Thurs 18th Feb,


'There needs to be care throughout' Sexual Health Services for Trans people 

There is very limited evidence on trans people’s access to sexual health services, particularly in the UK. Yet we know that globally, trans women are at higher risk of contracting HIV and are more likely to be diagnosed late. Trans people in the UK are less likely to visit a sexual health clinic than their cis counterparts and are more likely to feel worried, anxious, and embarrassed when doing so.

‘There needs to be care throughout’ is a peer-led project that builds on the small pool of existing research on trans people’s access to sexual health care and is the first national study of trans people’s experiences of accessing sexual health services in Scotland. The research was a partnership between Waverley Care and Scottish Trans Alliance, combining our respective expertise in sexual health and trans people’s access to health care.

Join Oceana Maund from the Scottish Trans Alliance and Kevin McConville, senior lecturer and researcher at Ninewells, for our Grand Rounds. They will talk about the project, share their results and insights, and look to the future of care for trans people.

Sat 20th Feb, 6-8pm 'Pride & Protest' Watch Party and Q&A

Pride & Protest is a documentary about QTIPOC communities and activists in Britain today and struggles surrounding the politics of desire, self-care, and found family. In the wake of the Birmingham protests against LGBTIQ+ relationship education in primary schools, director Blaise Singh follows various queer people of colour as they challenge homophobia and racism in their communities. They speak out against internalised shame and lack of representation, and we follow them trying to figure out their place in the world in the build up to UK Black Pride.

The film will screen on Zoom as a live watch party followed by a Q&A with director Blaise Singh and other members of the cast and crew.

Sign up here. 

Fri 26th Feb, 6-8pm 'Boy Erased' Watch Party 

Sign up for the Watch Party here:



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