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Mari's Education Campaign

Our Education Officer from 2019-21, Mari Chappell, has led on a number of changes to Education at Keele, from Lecture Capture to deadlines.

Societies of Keele
Societies of Keele

Every week, the Students' Union will be promoting a society.

Stand With Ukraine

Find out what we're doing in response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Pink image with a white heart, and text saying 'LoveYourEducation'

As part of the Elected Officers' fight against the marketisation of higher education, the #LoveYourEducation campaign promotes the importance of making university sustainable and accessible to all.

UCU Strikes 2021/22 - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the UCU's decision to strike and what it means for you.

Women's Safety Statement

What are we working on to ensure student safety