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Community Support Groups


Community Support Groups

There is a range of help and support available through the University and the local community for students who experience hate-crime or sexual violence, but we appreciate that you might just prefer to connect with peers who may share your identities and experiences. That's why we have compiled a list of community support groups in the local area that may be relevant to you below. If you'd like to add a support group to this list, please contact us at

LGBTQ+ Community Support Groups

  • Keele LGBTQ+ Society - Keele LGBTQ+ Society aims to create a confidential, safe and secure space for members of the LGBTQ+ community.  The society meets every Monday for closed-door socials and every Friday evening for sober socials. Check out their webpage on the KeeleSU website for more info on how to join.
  • Haven - Haven is a group supported by the chaplaincy for anyone wanting to explore issues around being both LGBT+ and a person of faith. They aim to create a safe space for people of all faiths. For more information about the next meeting (every 3 weeks) speak to Stephanie (Anglican Chaplain) at
  • Gay Life Stoke - Gay Life Stoke is a Lifestyle Support Service and Community created especially for the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) community of Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. They run two community groups, one of which is for gay and bisexual men, as well as a Galaxy youth group for people aged 13-18 who identify as LGBT+ or are questioning their sexual and/or gender identity. The groups are a great opportunity to relax and have a chat with other LGBT+ in Stoke-on-Trent (currently virtual due to COVID). For more info check out Gay Life Stoke.  
  • New Leaf - New Leaf is a confidential listening service for Transgender people in Stoke-on-Trent.  To get in touch call  01782 683080 or email:  Check out their webpage on the Healthwatch website for more info. 
  • Open Expression - Open Expression is a group that meets at Stoke Baptist Church once a month (the first Sunday of the month) and runs an inclusive service which is attended by a wide range of LGBTQ+ Christians in the area: 
  • Trans Staffordshire - Trans-Staffordshire is a grassroots organization that bring the Trans community of Staffordshire and Stoke together, providing several safe and confidential spaces which will provide opportunities for Trans people to meet socially, provide support and offer peer advice for trans people navigating the legal and medical obstacle course surrounding transition. Trans-Staffordshire meetings are held throughout the month at various locations around Stoke and Staffordshire. Take a look at their website calendar for more info.

BAME Community Support Groups

  • Keele BAME Society - The BAME Society is a network for BAME students at Keele to find allies, get support, and help navigate through their university experience. Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to get involved.
  • Keele Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS) - ACS is a student-run university society with the goal to educate our members about African and Caribbean history whilst promoting cultural diversity. Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to get involved.
  • Keele Nigerian Society- Keele Nigerian Society aims to showcase the vibrancy of Nigerian culture and connect Keele students of Nigerian originCheck out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to get involved.

Disability Community Support Groups

  • (In)visible Disabilities at Keele (IDK) Society - IDK is a student-led society that supports all invisible and visible disabilities at Keele. They are here to raise awareness, educate, support and create a safe space for anyone with a disability. Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info.

Faith-Based Community Support Groups

  • Keele Islamic Society (ISOC)-  Keele ISOC is a vibrant community of Muslim students that organise various social events such as games night, quiz night, weekly sports and Monday Madness, to spiritual sessions such as weekly halaqah's and sister's circle.  Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to join. 
  • Keele Hindu Society - Keele Hindu Society aims to provide members with the unique opportunity to truly experience and embrace Hindu culture and religion. They aim to promote unity and a ‘Home away from home’ for Hindu Youth, combining cultural and traditional morals with university life.  Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to join
  • Keele JSoc - Keele JSoc aims to create a welcoming space for Jewish life on campus at Keele, providing a friendly environment for Jewish students of all backgrounds. If you self-identify as Jewish or are interested in learning more about Judaism, find Keele Jsoc on their Facebook page or email
  • Keele University Christian Union -  KUCU are a group of students who come from varying backgrounds, denominations and walks of life. Their aim is to grow in their faith alongside each other, enjoying fellowship, living and loving life to the full, in a way which God intended! KUCU meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Chapel and run a variety of events throughout the year - including the famous Tea & Toast, Lunch-bars, Text-a-Toastie, Prayer Meetings, Hall groups, Sports, and a ‘Church Search’ tour, among many other events!  Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to join. 
  • Keele CathSoc - CathSoc welcomes those who practice the Catholic faith and those who wish to explore Catholicism through bible study and discussion.  CathSoc meets every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm via MS Teams due to the COVID pandemic. A typical evening involves a discussion about the weekly topic, an activity and some prayer.  They also occasionaly hold socials which include quizzes and games. Check out their webpage on the SU website for more info on how to join. 
  • Keele Chapel Student Fellowship - KCSF is a group of Christian students of various demoninational backgrounds who all study and worship at Keele University in some capacity. Their aim is to provide an inclusive, safe space for students to learn more about their faith with likeminded peers.  Meetings take place every Thursday between 6-8pm. Contact Shaina at for more information.

Women's Community Support Groups

  • Savana -  Savana is a free counselling and support service for anyone from the age of 4 who have been affected by sexual violence and abuse. Apart from 1-2-1 counselling services, they offer group counselling and a bi-monthly group where women can socialise over coffee and crafts.  Private message Savana on Facebook for more information or call 01782 433204.  See more information at:
  • Keele Intersectional Feminist Society - KIFS is an all inclusive society to discuss all topics encompassing national and international feminist topics. We aim to engage the wider community in feminist conversation and help integrate feminism into education.