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Stand With Ukraine

Find out what we're doing in response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

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Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and we know how much students want to show their support or offer help during this time. If you are worried or have been affected, we have also provided resources to help you.

What we're doing

Our Keele SU Elected Officers have sent an open letter to Aaron Bell, the MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme, outlining what we'd like the government to change regarding its sanctions against Russia as well as its support for Ukrainian refugees. Click here to read this letter, and read below about how you can send your own letter to your MP. We have since received a response from Aaron Bell, as well as a letter sent to the Prime Minister urging a stronger response to the unfolding refugee crisis. While this only partially fulfils the actions we asked in our original letter, it highlights the importance of contacting local representatives about making change.

We have also set up a collection point for donations ot Ukrainian refugees, which will be collected and delivered to the PISC (Polish Integration Support Centre) which is a charity focused on getting donations from the UK to Ukrainian refugees on the Polish/Ukrainian border.

Resources for Support

The university's student services team are here for you throughout the year and can help you with a range of things including counselling and mental health support. You can email the team at

We also have access to a 24/7 confidential helpline and online resources through Health Assured.

Our chaplaincy team are also here to support you. If you need to take a quiet moment, our Chapel is open every day and is a good place to take a moment to sit and reflect.

If you need academic support, you can contact your Student Experience and Support Officer, or our own Advice and Support at Keele SU.

If you are an international student and are concerned about your Visa or travel arrangements, contact the University's Immigration Compliance team by emailing

We also have access to the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Wellbeing Service. This service specialises in offering effective treatments for conditions including anxiety and low mood.

Resources for taking actionSome of our donations getting packed up to go to Ukraine

We know that many students have raised concerns about the struggles faced by Ukrainians escaping the war at the moment. If you'd like to get in touch with your own MP to share your views directly, you can do so with our letter template available here. You are completely welcome to use the language straight from the document, or add in your own. Visit to find out who your MP is; if you are registered to vote in Newcastle-under-Lyme, your MP is Aaron Bell and can be contacted at

We have also been taking donations for Ukrainian refugees, but we have sadly now reached full capacity and are unable to take anymore donations. We're extremely thankful for the enormous amount of donated goods we've received from the Keele community. You can find out more from our social media post.

Some of our donations getting packed up to go to Ukraine

There are a number of other places you can leave donations. However, at this point if you are able to donate money please do this instead, to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at the Disaster Emergency Committee.

Donation Points for items (see below for which items are accepted)

Olena and Maria (07525766699)

17 Merrial Street, next to the old police station

Weekdays between 10am and 3pm, and then 5pm to 7pm

10am to 1pm on Weekends

Items currently being accepted include – sleeping bags, thermal/warm clothing, baby food and nappies, painkillers, sanitary products, toiletries, first aid kits, bandages and flasks. Medical supplies, included painkillers, are priority items at the moment.

Council provides practical support to help the people of Ukraine – Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council (


Polish restaurant Agie and Katie (07947631240)

12 St John’s Square, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 3AJ

10am to 2pm Weekdays

Items currently being accepted include - medical supplies, baby items and sleeping bags

How can I help Ukraine refugees? Where to donate clothes and how to find collection points in your area (