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Maria Prayle
12:16pm on 22 Sep 17 And D&G buses
Sarah Fry
4:15pm on 22 Sep 17 sometimes you wait for about half an hour for a bus just to find out that it is not in service and you could have spent that time walking instead of waiting for the bus.
Ellie Hunt
11:59am on 2 Oct 17 I understand that prices rise with inflation but I think it is absolutely ridiculous that they're continuing to increase prices alongside a worsening service. Perhaps if there were a dedicated place on the Keele website where student can report late bus services by how long they had to wait for the next available bus and whether or not this made them late to a lecture or a lab we could forward this compiled data to First Buses. Using this data we can argue that the service is having a negative impact on the student experience at Keele, but obviously I cannot comment on the costs of implementing such a form on our website.


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