KeeleSU run elections throughout the year so students can put themselves forward to lead their union and the student body can vote on who they want to represent them.

Officer Roles


Keele SU Is A Student Led Organisation

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KeeleSU run elections throughout the year so students can put themselves forward to lead their union and the student body can vote on who they want to represent them. We've not got any elections running at the moment but use the sidebar to the left-hand side to find out past results and election information.

KeeleSU Election AU CommitteePart-Time Officer Roles

Below you will find out information about Full Time elected officers at KeeleSU.

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Union Development and Democracy Officer
KeeleSU Elections

The Union Development and Democracy Officer is responsible for the development of the union as an organisation and the representation of Keele students within the university and the union.

Education Officer
KeeleSU Elections

The Education Officer's job is to ensure that the academic processes are fair and ensuring the quality of courses. They work to safeguard and develop the needs of all foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Welfare and Internationalisation Officer
KeeleSU Elections

The Welfare and Internationalisation Officer sits on a number of committees and forums within the University and Union, paying specific attention to issues and producers that effect the Welfare of all students.

Activities and Community Officer
KeeleSU Elections

The Activities and Community Officer is responsible for supporting activities at KeeleSU and across Keele University. They also work to maintain a positive community presence for the students on campus and in the local, national and international communities.

Athletic Union and Sport Officer
KeeleSU Elections

The AU and Sport Officer is responsible for encouraging engagement, participation and campaigning for sport, fitness, health, and wellbeing.


Below you will find information about the various part-time HEAR accredited roles.

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The Societies Executive are a group of 7 individuals elected from within existing society committees who meet throughout the year to focus on society development and within the following remit:

  • Guide and assist the Activities department with society activities or events
  • Holding the Activities and Community Officer to account and influencing their campaigns and priorities
  • Reviewing and voting on the annual KeeleSU Society Awards
  • Having the power to call emergency Society Forums or Societies Exec Meetings
  • Hosting Society Forums on a quarterly basis
  • Deciding on sanctions for societies who are not following the Code of Conduct or complying with the KeeleSU constitution
  • Approving union requests to dissolve inactive societies
  • Reviewing complaints which may result in disciplinary procedures
  • Reviewing Society Stripes applications
  • Review new society applications

NUS Delegates represent KeeleSU at the NUS Conference. NUS National Conference is the head policy making body of NUS UK. Delegates are elected from each Students’ Union that is an affiliated member of NUS to represent students’ views on a National level. It sets policy for the year ahead in each of the 5 zones and elects the President, Vice Presidents, and Block of 15 representatives on the National Executive. We elect three NUS Delegates in our November by-elections.